Registration for Nordic Cup / EM-kval  

All athletes from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Iceland can compete at Nordic Cup.
To compete at Nordic Cup you need an active IFBB license. 

The registration fee for Nordic Cup is  99€
Crossover is 50€/ Crossover
Coach pass is: SEK 59€ for the full weekend
(It includes entry to the Expo area both on Saturday and Sunday.)

NOTICE! Crossovers can be done between the following divisions:
– Junior – Senior and Senior – Masters (All categories)
– Women’s Acrobatic Fitness – Women’s Bodyfitness.
– Women’s Bikini – Women’s Artistic Fitness Women’s Fit-Model – Fit Pairs
– Women’s Wellness – Women’s Fit-Model.
– Men’s Physique – Fit Pairs
– Classic Bodybuilding – Classic Physique – Bodybuilding

Last date for registration is set to April 15 ( Updated from April 6  )

Registration for Athletes is at ABB Arena Syd in Västerås Friday April 19 from 16:00-20:00


For those who competes in a category that requires music can send the music to 
In the email make sure you enter your name, what category/categories you compete in and if you want the music to start when you are on the stage or you want to walk in with the music. It is up to the athlete to send the music in time and that the music starts at the right part.  Mark the email MUSIC FOR POSING

For everyone visiting NFE sweden we have a special Hotel offer, see more here HOTEL NFE SWEDEN 2024

Tickets for Nordic Fitness Expo and for Nordic Cup Saturday 179kr / 390kr  Tickets Saturday
Tickets for Nordic Fitness Expo and for Nordic Cup Sunday 179kr / 390kr Tickets Sunday
Weekend Tickets for Nordic Cup  595kr Weekend Tickets 






IMPORTANT! : Click the SIGN UP picture to sign up for the show. Don`t forget to write what category you are signing up for.  To do crossovers you need to click the CROSSOVER picture  and Sign up once again, this time write the other Category. (For example Bikini Fitness Junior and then Bikini Fitness -169)

 The backstage area Gym Equipment will be provided by       Gymleco.
 Gymleco was founded in 1994.  Today Gymleco is Northern   Europe’s largest designer and producer of gym equipment.
 We are proud having Gymleco as a partner

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